Business Partners at a glance

e-Bonus is a dynamic, cross-regional company specialized in the promotion, contracting and development of projects for our clients. We offer company formation and accounting services solutions for our clients, tailor-made company package throughout SE Europe, from non-EU countries with attractive taxation system to EU member states with strong and dynamic markets. As well as end-to-end business development and sales representatives for foreign companies interested in the South-East market.

Our competitive advantages enables us to outsmart others in managing the key success factors of our business:

  • Geographical concentration on our targeted region, facilitating deep local market knowledge. This, in turn, enables us to identify and select opportunities earlier that our competitors.
  • Our reference experts strengthen our ability to mobilize specialized resources, in order to contract a project from preliminary design up to detailed project execution.
  • Our network of technological partners further enhance this capacity, by bringing, on demand, first class engineering teams and equipments.